For auto diagnosis, TEXA offers a complete series of products that ranges from the famous NAVIGATOR TXT MULTIHUB and Navigator NANO S vehicle interfaces.


The universal diagnostic interface. CAR, TRUCK, BIKE, AGRICULTURE, MARINE

Navigator Nano S

Designed to meet the needs of the mechanic. CAR & BIKE

Discover all the features of Navigator NANO S

Navigator NANO S is a latest generation vehicle interface from TEXA that lets you run all kinds of diagnostics on cars, light commercials, motorcycles, scooters, quads and jetskis.

Every aspect of the Navigator NANO S has been carefully designed and developed to fully satisfy the needs of the modern garage and to allow mechanics to complete all diagnostic tests quickly and easily.

This compact, lightweight and ergonomic interface is designed to function simply and automatically with TEXA’s latest generation display units like the AXONE Nemo, AXONE 4 Mini and MULTI PEGASO.

Multibrand diagnostics by TEXA

Today the diagnostics tool is an essential piece of equipment for every vehicle workshop.

Whatever the fault, it is likely that during each repair process the ECUs will need to be accessed to clear the fault codes or configure the replacement components, operations that are only possible using a diagnostic tool.

Now even scheduled service and maintenance in many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment, to reset the service lights and check or activate the various systems.

The NAVIGATOR TXTs is the latest multibrand diagnostic interface by TEXA; NAVIGATOR TXTs is a powerful multibrand diagnostics and autodiagnostics tool that connects directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, and communicates via Bluetooth with the AXONE Nemo, AXONE 4 Mini and MULTI PEGASO display units, or alternatively with a Windows PC.